Oldham Guides Earn The Highest Award

Oldham Guides Earn The Highest Award

Ciara Harrison and Drew Mason, both 14, are the first Guides from 14th Oldham Guides to be presented with the Baden Powell Challenge Award – the highest award a Guide can receive.

The presentation was made by Carrie Boyce, Shaw District Commissioner, at the Shaw District Thinking Day event. Since gaining the awards, both girls have progressed from Guides to work on their Young Leader qualification with different units.

Ciara and Drew both began in Girlguiding as Rainbows and have progressed through Brownies and Guides. To be able to work towards the Baden Powell Challenge Award, a Guide must have gained two challenge badges and at least two interest badges. The Baden Powell Challenge is made up of five zones which must be completed: Healthy Lifestyles, Global Awareness, Discovery, Skills and Relationships and Celebrating Diversity.

Upon receiving her award, Ciara said ‘I really enjoyed a water sports residential to France; I was able to use this to write a report for part of my challenge. I also really enjoyed taking part in the Baden Powell Challenge weekend.’

Drew was equally inspired by the challenge, stating ‘I definitely enjoyed the camp. It was a great way to meet new people and experience challenges with them. It was an amazing way to end my Baden Powell Challenge.’

The Baden Powell Challenge Weekend is for Guides who are approaching the end of their journey towards the award. This weekend camp brings Guides together from the Region and presents them with the opportunities to take part in new, fun activities and to complete the remaining clauses of their challenge.

Oldham Pause For Thought

Oldham Pause For Thought

Each year, World Thinking Day is celebrated by Girlguiding members and Girl Scouts across the world on 22nd February. It is a day of international friendship and solidarity, which also marks the joint birthdays of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave Baden-Powell, who was World Chief Guide.

Girlguiding groups from Oldham West Division, ranging from Rainbows to The Senior Section, gathered at St Margaret’s Church to celebrate World Thinking Day as one. The theme of this year’s World Thinking Day was ‘Let’s Grow’ encouraging girls at all levels of guiding, from local groups to global guiding communities, invite more girls and young women around the world to experience what it means to be part of the Guiding Movement.

Sections from the Division joined to think about guiding around the world, singing songs and using readings to celebrate. The focal point of the event was the renewal of Girlguiding promises; each section took time to retake their promise together and light a candle for other guiding members.

Poppy, 6, from 43rd Oldham Rainbows said ‘I really enjoy Rainbows, every week we do something different. I really liked our sleepover, eating pancakes and playing games!’

Caitlin, 6, also from 43rd Oldham Rainbows said ‘Thinking Day is really good. We get to see what other Rainbows are doing all around the world. We also got to give food to those in need, guiding is full of sharing and kindness.’

Alongside this, guiding members also brought offerings for Oldham Foodbank which were collected together. Once received, Oldham Foodbank confirmed that a total of 80kgs of food was collected, which equates to 100 meals for any in need.

Girlguiding gives girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. If you want to get involved, visit www.girlguiding.org.uk.

Milnrow Get The Community Thinking

Milnrow Get The Community Thinking

Girlguiding groups from Milnrow District gathered together to celebrate World Thinking Day as one, with celebrations focused on ‘Growing’. This year Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from Milnrow District gathered to decorate the well-known Community Tree on Newhey Road.

Each unit from the area designed their own wishes for fellow Girlguiding members. These ranged from good health to messages of self-confidence, these well-wishes were then decorated and laminated to withstand the tests of weather.

Representatives met on Saturday 18th February to bring all the well-wishes to the Community Tree, decorating it with colour. This is one of the focal points of the community and will be seen by thousands as they travel past.

Ella Davidson, 9, a Brownie from the District said ‘I look forward to Brownies every week; my favourite activity from the past year was our Pack Holiday Trip to Knowsley Safari Park.’

Regarding the Community Tree, Ella said ‘I really enjoyed writing my message for the tree; I decorated it brightly so it will stand out. I hope everyone gets to see our messages.’

District Commissioner, Gill Lowe, said ‘I’d like to thank all the Units for their wonderful work. We’ve all really enjoyed thinking about guiding members around the world. The girls have made us extremely proud and we are glad at this opportunity to share their wishes with the community. The Tree is a big focal point, we hope everyone will take time to come down and have a look.’

Milnrow District is currently booming with young girls eager to join. For these girls to gain the unique experiences Girlguiding can offer there is always a need for additional adult help, this ranges from a full Leader position to Occasional Helpers. If you are interested in joining Girlguiding visit www.girlguiding.org.uk.

Girlguiding gives girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. If you want to get involved visit www.girlguiding.org.uk.

Heywood Senior Section Take The President’s Cup

Heywood Senior Section Take The President’s Cup

The highly anticipated awarding of the President’s Cup saw Heywood Senior Section emerge as victors within Girlguiding Heywood Division. The President’s Cup is awarded by the Division President who reviews the annual programmes of each Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and The Senior Section unit within the Division. The winning programme must tick all the right boxes, including being varied, beneficial and interesting for the young members.

2016 also saw The Senior Section celebrate their 100 years centenary in style. New, interesting and exciting activities saw the members travel the length and breadth of the country. From Liverpool day-trips to red carpet, Centenary balls at the Palace Hotel in Manchester.

Heywood Senior Section added to these by announcing themselves within their local community in a big way; taking part in the annual 1940’s day, Charities Fete and two Christmas Markets. This was topped off at Christmas when the young members selflessly gave up their own Secret Santa event to provide an early Christmas present to the less fortunate of Manchester with each girl donating some of life’s essentials.

Beth Tennant, The Senior Section Leader, “I have had a fantastic year. These girls are an inspiration to not only me, but to any within the community. I’m proud to be their leader and friend. Winning the President’s Cup has simply put an exclamation point at the end of our amazing journey in 2016.”

Charlotte Quinn, 18, “2016 has been the best year and I’m looking forward to 2017, I will be away at University but I will be coming back as often as I can, I certainly won’t be missing any events!”

To find out more about how to get involved visit: www.girlguiding.org.uk

Senior Section’s Selfless Secret Santa

Senior Section’s Selfless Secret Santa

Heywood Senior Section are bucking the trend this year and will be foregoing their Secret Santa to truly delve into the Christmas ‘Spirit of Giving’ by providing someone less fortunate with some of life’s essentials.

Having personally witnessed the struggles many face living on the streets, especially at this time of year with unpredictable weather, the Girlguiding Unit decided they will try and do their bit to improve an individual’s needs. The young women, aged 14-25, will be creating a Christmas Care Package with the supplies to be purchased by the Senior Section members.

After discussing the topic; a list of some of life’s essentials was created and each member volunteered to supply an item off the list. Items range from a pop-up tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat to some essentials we may take for granted; warm socks, tissues and wipes. Less than 24 hours later and these items had been purchased, brought together and picked up to be distributed to the most in need.

Niamh Furlong, 15, said ‘Christmas is my favourite time of year. We should be so grateful for everything we have. It’s been such a lovely experience, knowing we are helping someone less fortunate and being able to give back to the community.’

Beth Tennant, Senior Section Leader, said ‘I am unbelievably proud of how the girls have grasped this opportunity. Their selflessness is a shining example of goodness that can be found in the youth of today.’

Girlguiding gives girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. If you want to get involved, contact Girlguiding on 0800 1 69 59 01 or visit www.girlguiding.org.uk.